Who We Are

MAD Solutions is a new age Digital content provider and Digital Marketing Company with Operations in Nigeria , South Africa , Ghana & Cameroun. Mad Solutions has been at the fore front of creating mobile value added service products that support business and enterprise objectives of Telecom operators, Production companies and super brands.

MAD Solutions’ Story

There are gaps and glitches in our content Ecosystem. With increasing need for Measurable Accurate Digital solutions (MAD) that churn out results we desire. Super brands have not been able to key into the data available with the Telecom operators and Record labels and production companies have not been able to generate significant revenues that cover content production costs. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in Digital content distribution and monetization.

With over 20 years combined experience within our Principals, our mission is to leverage the most advanced mobile application technology to keep people connected to the world that has become a global village.

Our Clients & Partners